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QUICK ORDER FOR 5 - 200 PEOPLE. Fill in the form ("click to order!") by 3pm the day before or call us on 07817754963 if you'd prefer to discuss or for last minute orders! Let us bring our smart platters to you!

A family run business selling healthy and hearty food from St James' Park Station and Battersea Studios. We also deliver wholesale and do events for cafes, gyms, other businesses and privately. Great for vegetarians and carnivores alike!




Buffet: fill a regular takeaway pot (£2.25) or large pot (£3) with whatever you fancy from: porridge, gluten free and dairy free porridge, homemade granola, muesli, bran, fresh cut fruit, berries, coconut, dried fruit (cranberries, apricots, figs, dates), seeds (pumpkin, chia, sunflower), nuts (almonds, walnuts) coconut milk, yoghurt, almond milk, soya milk, semi-skimmed milk, cinnamon, honey etc.

Toast with marmite, jams, peanut butters, nutella....

Excellent coffee from Old Spike Roastery!

Sample lunch menu (new dishes every day):

Hot dishes (always one meaty and one vegan) (served with/without seeded roll or rice):

- Coconut chicken stew

- Vegetable masala with sweet potato, courgette and aubergine

Our colourful buffet for customers to self-serve into a regular, large or xx-large box or for us to turn into a wrap:

# have a hot sweet potato on the base of the box for free if you fancy

# any mix of eight seasonal salads - they change daily but as an example:

- Broccoli, spinach, pea, feta, chives with a lemon dressing
- Lentils, sweet potato, cherry vine tomato, pomegranate, rocket in a wholegrain mustard dressing
- Fennel, roast aubergine sweet paprika, courgette, basil, sunflower seeds
- Celeriac rémoulade, red cabbage and apple with a yoghurt, English mustard and black pepper dressing
- Butternut squash, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, parsley and chives in a red wine vinegar dressing
- Aubergine, hispi cabbage, edamame, spring onion, soy, sesame, ginger
- New potato, rocket, chives, parsley, dill, peanut, and red onion in a lemon dressing
- Sweet potato, mixed peas(sugar snaps, garden peas, mange tout) edamame, mint and lemon dressing

# which can be topped with our hot add-ons:

- griddled chicken skewers marinated in our spice rub
- herby falafel
- vegetable fritters


# our homemade chilli dressing or yoghurt based dressing for free, both of which go beautifully with the add-ons.

We serve generous portions and by container size rather than weight so you know exactly what it will cost beforehand.


"I just had my first pot of deliciousness from Spier's - OMG the spicy chicken pot - was EXCELLENT! I'll be back... Best, CK"

"The food that you supplied for the board was delicious!" techUK

“Many happy people with full bellies” McGarry Bowen

"Many people have already praised your wonderful salads but I am totally addicted to your hot dishes - absolutely delicious and great value compared to my staff canteen. Hard to pick a favourite but this week's chicken and broccoli stew was to die for. Don't ever leave!" Julie Hawthorn

"I'm sitting here tucking into the most delicious chicken wrap.  And let's me tell you that wasn't 'just any old chicken sandwich, that was a Spiers.....' Thank you so much.  The food was very, very good, wonderfully fresh and flavorsome and hearty.  It all went swimmingly well" Shirley Rush,  Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

"I have written in the past but wanted to write again to remind you what a wonderful job you're doing at the St James Park branch. Since I last wrote I've also been enjoying your breakfast menu. Wonderful food and friendly staff. Top marks!? Keep up the good work" Alan Uzomah

"Was really really impressed and that's from someone who generally despises salads! Tasted like a treat not a chore." Chris Roberts

"I would plz like to say I'm bloody loving Spier's!" Anon.

"Oh and your salad was lovely by the way." Alex, manager of food market

"Thanks for the salads, they’re delicious, don’t think I’ve ever eaten a salad that quickly, nor been as full after." Dan, founder Supernatural juice and smoothie bars

"Number 1 in the salad league! Go check them out people" Burgaffair

"The food was amazing - thank you for recommending." Debbie from Wedding Wonders

"Straight up salad bangers!" Kev Harwood

"Thanks for the amazing salad! Will definitely be back!" Anneka Freeman

"Best salad I've had in ages" David Berrecloth

"Genuinely the best lunch for a long long time." Dave Low

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All the best fresh ingredients. Here: Cinnamon and citrus mushrooms

All the best fresh ingredients. Here: Cinnamon and citrus mushrooms

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