7:30am - 10am

Build-a-bap: a brioche bap or sourdough roll filled with any combination of smoked salmon, avocado, bacon, sausage and egg

Porridge and home-made granola buffet: for just £3 we fill a pot with whatever you fancy from porridge, granola, bran, muesli, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fresh cut fruit, compote, various milks, yoghurt chia seeds, cinnamon etc.

lunch and dinner

11am - 7pm

Buffet boxes (three different sizes) and flatbreads:

* choose a regular, large or xx-large box (with or without a sweet potato in base) or a flatbread

* any mix of six seasonal salads - they change daily but as an example:

- Lentils, sweet potato, cherry vine tomato, pomegranate, rocket in a wholegrain mustard dressing
- Fennel, roast aubergine sweet paprika, courgette, basil, sunflower seeds
- Celeriac rémoulade, red cabbage and apple with a yoghurt, English mustard and black pepper dressing
- Butternut squash, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, parsley and chives in a red wine vinegar dressing
- Aubergine, hispi cabbage, edamame, spring onion, soy, sesame, ginger
- Sweet potato, mixed peas(sugar snaps, garden peas, mange tout) edamame, mint and lemon dressing

* which can be topped with our hot add-ons:

- griddled chicken skewers marinated in our spice rub
- vegetable fritter
- griddled halloumi


* our homemade chilli dressing, salsa verde or yoghurt based dressing for free, all of which go beautifully with the add-ons.