WHOLESALE Salads & stews for vegetarians, vegans & carnivores alike

If your business doesn’t have time or space to prepare food on site, we can deliver to you:

  • our daily-changing stews, bourguignons, curries, soups etc - we make one meaty and one vegan fresh each day and deliver in tupperware ready for you to heat up

  • our colourful seasonal salads - we change the salads at our shops every day and can provide them boxed (with skewers/fritters) ready for your customers to buy or on platters/in containers for you to serve to your customers how you wish

  • our griddled chicken skewers marinated in our spice rub

  • our vegetable fritters (vegan, GF)

  • our chilli sauce, beetroot and yoghurt dressing and salsa verde - all our salads are dressed but these go beautifully with the skewers and fritters

- delivery is free (above £100)

- delivery is in good time for lunch

- you don’t have to order each day (just let us know yes or no by 2:30 the afternoon before)

- we can work flexibly around your needs

- we provide a full ingredients and allergens list with all deliveries

- happy for you to give it a go on a trial basis for as short a time as you like

Simply send us an enquiry and we will quickly contact you to discuss the most suitable option for you.

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