The inspiration…

Back in the 70’s our mum ran a fantastically successful one woman catering business from her own kitchen providing wonderful dishes ahead of their time from top quality ingredients supplied (sometimes quail brought by train for her to collect from Stourbridge station - fourth photo along) by premium suppliers such as Douglas Mills of Belbroughton, purveyor of high class meat. Her Christmas menu for home delivery and parties in 1977 would go down well in 2018 I’m sure and the reviews were sterling. Mum slowed down the catering when her three little boys arrived but that didn’t stop her teaching us her tricks…

london Living wage, sustainable, vegan friendly - the present day…

With a passion for healthy but tasty and hearty food and convinced that we could shake up the salad world for the better, and with Mum’s can do example in mind, in 2011 we began to sell our colourful salads at local fairs and catered events at the Lexi Cinema, Kensal. We then built a trailer (harder than it looks!) and selling the salads at markets in Covent Garden amongst others in 2015. Looking for a place to lay our mandoline we rented a phonebox in beautiful Bloomsbury Square, put shelves on the inside of the door, a fridge inside and had a successful summer in 2016. It gave us the confidence to go for it in 2017, opening at Battersea Studios and St James's Park station shopping arcade that summer. We’ve since opened a further site at Battersea Studios in 2018 and spots by the Shard and at Canary Wharf in Spring 2019. We continue to do pop-ups, weddings, cater office meetings and supply other cafes.

We want to look after ourselves (most of the time) but we want to have a good meal too, not an expensive, limp, miserly portion of leaves which leaves us hungry and disappointed.

We enjoy creating salads with complementary flavours and textures - intestinal anti-depressants (not scientifically proven!) - incorporating family tricks, recipes, secrets.

We use all the best fresh ingredients to create tasty and filling salads, with fine combinations of flavours and textures. Full of proteins, vitamins and minerals, we don't undo that hard work with unhealthy dressings, rather sensible amounts of vinegars, citrus, oils and herbs. Handy if you're trying to be good.

We also pay our team the London Living Wage, make our salads locally using seasonal produce (fruit and veg from nearby New Covent Garden market), serve into bio-degradable and recyclable packaging and use excellent coffee from Old Spike Roastery (a local social enterprise doing great work to help the homeless back onto their feet).. So we're trying to be good too.

"Oh and your salad was lovely by the way!" Alex, organiser of food market

"Number 1 in the salad league! Go check them out people" Burgaffair

"Thanks for the amazing salad! Will definitely be back!" Anneka Freeman

"Best salad I've had in ages" David Berrecloth

"It was really tasty, I was very impressed!" Laura Macara

"Genuinely the best lunch for a long long time." Dave Lowe